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July 20, 2013



haha. Obama you are really funny ( procurement services )

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Barack Obama's statement on race relations its ok but not for us the americans


Had trayvon martin been white and zimmerman an african american then this would not be in the news.


There is something unreal or imagined about Obama's description of endemic racial profiling, with locks clicking in cars as he walks by (until he became a senator oddly), department store tailing of youths, and women clutching purses in lifts.
I am always highly aware of who is in a lift with me and women presumably more so. Are you supposed to not notice and take no mental precautions?
As to youths in shops and streets, is it possible there are people who never notice where they are and what is around them?
If a store detective sees a batch of Roma children in his shop is he supposed to look away and go for a tea break?
In my case, if I see young teenagers (white) hanging out near my house I tense. Am I a bad profiling person?
Obama accused his (white) grandmother of the same thing yet he has had the power to turn the debate away from such trivia and on to the fact that prison is a rite of passage for all too many black youths, profiled or not.

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