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May 13, 2013



It's easy for him to say.
Obama hasn't had to live with this crap for the last 30 years!
He should stick to trying to stop Americans shooting each other and butt out of our business.

Cleethorpes Rock

Fair comment, but I'm afriad this particular relationship has been in counselling for 38 years. It's now time to start divvying up the CD collection, decide who's going to keep the dog and finally go our separate ways. Sorry EU, it's over.


Clearly what Obama does not understand is that every time Brussels 'fixes' the EU it makes it worse.

Nicholas Keen

So what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Legislation from Mexico City is something you could live with and sell to your countrymen, is it Mr. Obama? And what to do with that great swath of land now taken by U.S. customs on the I-5/Mexico Federal Route 1 border south of San Diego?


Obama is a wind bag who has no idea what is best for Britain.


Obama is telling the right one,dave started un-fixing the Tory party
on partially taking office.

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