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December 20, 2012



but sadly it won't. this is a country where many think the logical solution was to have all the teachers armed. Where a middle class divorced woman kept an arsenal. If you take away guns then you reduce the ability of the disturbed to get their hands on them. If the teachers had been armed then it would only been a matter of time before some pupil got their hands on it. and do you really want a firefight in a school.

Paul Marks

The 1990 Gun Free School Act actually encourages teachers (and so on) NOT to be armed. That is why schools are targets - as the "I may be crazy but I am not stupid" murderers know that they will have a target rich environment of unarmed (defenceless) people.

"Then let us ban firearms over the whole country" - that is the de facto policy in Mexico (where the 1917 Constitutional right to armed defence has been regulated to destruction - with gun stores made de facto illegal and so on). Mexico has a vastly HIGHER murder rate than the United States - towns that are both sides of the Mexican-Texan border (with both sides of town being about equally hispanic) have murder rates some TEN TIMES higher on the Mexican side than on the Texan side.

Whatever "saltire" believes - no regulation will prevent a determined murderer getting his hands on firearms, all regulations achieve is to make honest people defenceless victims.

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