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October 17, 2012



It's pretty rich for Obama to accuse Romney of having a flaky economic programme with dodgy maths. The US deficit under the Obamessiah (who spends most of his time playing golf) is now off the scale. Most US Treasuries are now being bought by Bail-Out Ben, Obama's little helper at the Fed, who makes Mervyn the Moneyprinter look like Hayek.

As for Obama's claim to have protected the 47%, his programme is steadily destroying their living standards (as well as those of the younger generation) through deliberately generated inflation and uncontrolled mass immigration. Sound familiar?


Obama must have won it because Republicans are whineeing that it was unfair and questioning the impartiality of the mdoerator.

I notice that they didnt do that in Colorado and furthermore that no Democrat questioned thee partiality of the modertoar then.

Republicans are spiteful and also bad losers as the hanging chad saga in 200 demontrates. It is par for the ocurse with their toxicit and I cannot wait to see them wailing after the election is through.


Your spelling is shocking. But at least it is consistent with the sour bile-ridden emptiness of your prose. I would say address the issues but that would require a level of intellect which is way beyond you..

You clearly didn't watch the debate in Colorado because in that debate the moderator didn't take sides....or at least certainly not Romney's side. So why would the Democrats have complained? They had nothing to complain about.


Yes but its clear to me that in New York the moderator did not take sides yet the Republicans are whineing that they did.

Like all bullies they have a sense of entitlement.


"like all bullies they have a sense of entitlement." A rather apt description of Obama and Michelle Antoinette..


Candy Crowley definitely took sides.

And the socialists did complain about Jim Lehrer.

But moderators are SUPPOSED to take sides, so it's no one's fault that the candidates can't prepare for that. If moderators didn't take sides, they wouldn't be doing their job properly.


Are moderators suppsoed to take sides? Since when? I assume you work for the BBC where taking sides is second nature....

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