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October 12, 2012



Paul Ryan beleives that life begins at conception and wants to impose his vlaeus on Amercians while pretending to support freedom by which he means reducing taxes for the welathiest and enjoying the suffering of the lower orders.

I was gladdened to see Joseph Biden laid into this little sh*t.

Martin Sewell

Redmayne77 choses to ignore Ryan's sound economic grounding.

It is also an inconvenient truth that the reason Abortion remains more controversial
in the USA than in the UK is that here at least those opposed know that it was legislated democratically
( even if the " last resort/ rarity was perhaps misrepresented in the final apication)

In the USA unelected Judges imposed it against the wishes of the majority which its proponents know they could not
win. This democratic deficit matters

The short is unless things change America's decline will continue.


Redmayne 77 also chooses to ignore the fact that the only freedom that seems to matter to the tax-spend and borrow Democrats is the right to have an abortion up until the date of delivery and beyond. Eugenics masquerading as consumer choice. As for freedom of speech and thought, forget it.....as a brief visit to the average Ivy League campus will show you.


Eugenics is a form of consumer choice if preganancies can be terminated on the basis of foetal abnormality and more control is gained over the timing of reproduction.

Some people do not like this but I consider it an important right, and not one that some execrable bigot funded by big money has any business interfering with.


Beyond parody: I fear for the (clearly expendable) disabled and the elderly in the Utopia of Death you have planned for us, Redmayne. And why is what you consider so important? Does being bombastic make you important? Those like you who argue for unrestricted abortion rights are no different from those who argue for an unfettered right to drink and drive.


To commentator: you are talking rubbish

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