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October 29, 2012



President Teleprompt stating the blindingly obvious.....so it must be time for the usual crowd at the BBC and the Guardian to have yet another Obasmic convulsion. Have his spin doctors yet managed to blame the Hurriane on British Petroleum (sic), the Bush Administration or some producer of an obscure film criticising the Prophet Muhammed?

Mystic Merv

And what else do you expect him to say? And where is Mitt for brains Romney? Scuttled off to take advantage of the situation.


His best contribution would be to keep his mouth shut: leave it to people more competent than him (like the Governors of the affected states) to lead the charge and back them up with deeds at Federal level.....not his usual stock-in-trade, soundbites. As for Romney, he has done exactly the same as Obama: headed off to campaign in Ohio.

I suppose that you are so desperate to worship the Obamessiah that you will believe anything. Still credit where credit is due: Obama is at least taking an interest this time whereas when the US Ambassador and his staff were being murdered in Benghazi, The One showed where his priorities lay by disappearing to a fund raiser in Las Vegas.

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