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August 30, 2012


Dave B

Real Clear Politics have the text of Mr Ryan's speech.


christina Speight

Magnificent! That's someone who knows how to lead as well as to speak. Oh that we had one like him here .


This year's Sarah Palin.

james tyler

Ryan is a complete hypocrite with more skeletons in his closet than a graveyard.Just do a little googling.

Tony Makara

Ryan's tenure would be all about trying to privatize social security, given events since 2008, the public are reluctant to see their pensions going roulette, the idea was rejected once. Trying to revive it would be a big mistake and provide Obama with a big stick.


Mark Mardell, BBC's Obama spokesman, didn't like Ryan's speech. That prompted me to watch it - and, what a surprise, I found it to be an interesting and direct speech, full of good sense. Ryan will make an excellent V.P.


So no mention of his flat out lies then? Must be all these years having Dave as your leader.

Ricardo's Ghost

Janesville lost it's GM plant, but Rep Ryan forgot to mention it closed during the Bush Presidency.

Obama is castigated for not prioritising job creation when Republicans, led by Rep Ryan, have spent the last 3 years insisting that the deficit is the priority.

Rep Ryan is outraged that $716bn is coming out of Medicare (because Obama is bringing the cost down incidentally), but obviously forgot that his own budget plan includes those savings.

Then he claims he'll strengthen Medicare when in fact his plan is to turn it into a more expensive voucher system and at the same time cut funding a third.

Rep Ryan's claims to be upset that Bowles-Simpson wasn't implemented would be more convincing if he hadn't personally spent his time undermining and blocking it.

Worries about the debt and demanding the government stop spending money it doesn't have would be more credible if Ryan's budget plans didn't involve opening up the deficits by cutting taxes harder and faster than he would cut spending.

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