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August 31, 2012



'Politicians don't own this country - we employ them'.
That is true for our country as well. Politicians might well start thinking that 'we can send them away' over here as well as the people in the USA.


Did they bar anyone that what was not white. Every single person the camera went to in the audience was white and generally over 50 years of age. Is that why they are called the Grand Old Party?

Patsy Sergeant

ABSOLUTELY! It is NOT a good idea for lawyers to become --- Presidents!

Juan Sheet

I thought Clint Eastwood was pretty good, despite the criticisms. Although his oration was shaky and he had obvious difficulty at times remembering words - a cruel reminder of what old age can do - he came out with some gems.

"Everyone was crying when Obama won. Oprah was crying. Even I cried. I hadn't cried that much since I learned there are 23 million unemployed Americans (loud applause)"

His empty chair routine was classic, employing the old device of talking to a non speaking dummy, and repeating its answer (eg Harry Corbet to Sooty). To the empty chair: "what was that? I can't say that to Mitt. How can he do that to himself? (rapturous applause)"

Go ahead - make my day!


Patsy - Thatcher was a lawyer, George W Bush a businessman. By all means all lawyers do not make good politicians and many businessmen do not make good politicians, but that is not always the case!

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