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August 04, 2011



Good. It is important people know how minorities got their rights. If people know how hard it is to get rights they will hopefully be more willing to fight to keep them as soon as they are threatend.

Of course the woman in the video see's this whole issue as about sex. I suspect that says more about her and her own issues than anything else. Its not about sex but about rights and equality.


Good. It's pretty hard to deny that LGBT politics and lifestyles have had a large influence on California over the last two decades in particular. I don't see why not. It's no different to any other minority fighting for their freedoms, and perhaps even more important as whilst segregation really is over (not to demean it, but it is) there is still so much persecution against LGBT people even in the United States, let alone the rest of the world. I'm not LGBT but this is a good step.


The 1 or 2 percent minority gay community in San Francisco will be pleased that children in school will now be taught about gay rights and other LGBT issues regardless of the majority of people living there.
Gays have more rights than Christians and campaign against the Christian faith and values and even campaigned to prevent the visit of the Pope to Britain.

Nick Phillips

Robert, that merely speaks volumes about the bigoted nature of Christianity. Little wonder people are turning away in their droves.

Robert Eve

Gay history - if only they were.

David MacDonald

This is a very good example of why the state should not be involved in the provision of education. If it were not, parents could choose schools on the basis of performance, ethos, discipline and curriculum.

Peter Thurgood

California and Minority Rights? Who's kidding who here? It all depends on what minority you belong to in California?

California (correct me if I am wrong) was the first state to implement the smoking-ban in the USA. They have now banned smoking in parks and beaches, which are outdoors obviously and harming no one. What about this minority group's rights?

Why should just 'Gay History' have a preference in their schools? What will be next on their menu, 'Pedophile History?' or 'Gangsters History?' One thing they won't have and that's for sure, is a 'Smoker's History'

California is just about the most bigoted state in the USA.

Ultimo Tiger

Why is this link on ConHome?

Peter Thurgood

It is what is known as the "Kipper Season" Tiger - not a lot to write about, so this should bring out the worse in us they hope!

James Michael

"What will be next on their menu, 'Pedophile History?' or 'Gangsters History?'"

Are you seriously suggesting gays are the moral equivalent of pedophiles and gangsters? Thank god that intellectually deficient, morally bankrupt bigots such as yourself have been sidelined in our party. Sadly it appears one or two unfortunate dinosaurs remain...

It doesn't add up...

The largest segment of population in California these days is of Mexican origin - a country with a strong Catholic and macho culture. By trumpeting gay rights, are these people being discriminated against?

Peter Thurgood

You are right IDAU. People like James Michael just do not have a clue. They are so biggoted and anti anyone and everyone that doesn't fit into their particulat niche. I wasn't putting gays into the same catagory as anyone else - I was just trying to show how riddiculous it is to glorify one small segment of any community.

california state politics

I think there has to be more transparency along with any type of reform enacted.  The government of California as well know is in a deficit.  The politics of the

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