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November 03, 2010


Ivor Grudge

At least Christine O'Donnel has magic!!

A new broom(stick) sweeps clean?

Matt Woods

Christine O'Donnell really is dumb. She's saying she won after having taken a safe Republican seat and handed it to the Democrats?

I'm not sure making a crusade against masturbation a plank of her campaign, not knowing what the first amendment was and having to put out a statement "reassuring" voters she wasn't a witch are the best ways to win round people. I've got friends from Delaware (Republicans) who said many Republicans didn't vote for her because she was just too crazy.

Gibbous Moon

Christine O'Donnell and the rest of the tea party fruit cakes should be reason enough to reject Douglas Carswell's assertion that open primaries offer the answer to Britain's electoral system. The Tea Party, in all frankness, lost the Republicans the Senate and pushed lifelong Republicans into the arms of the Democrats.

David J

The Tea Party candidates scare the hell out of me. If the Republicans aren't careful the TP's will cost them the Presidential Elections in two years time.

Ivor Grudge

The tea obviously wasn't strong enough.


Ordinary Republicans need to turn out in big numbers to stop the tea partiers hijacking their party in the primaries.

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