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August 01, 2010


Brian Junor

Apparently Chelsea Clinton is a "vegan" and her dietary preferences were reflected in the wedding menu. I will never fully understand how 'vegans' can think it immoral to consume meat or even eggs milk or cheese or anythting that might harm or interfere with an animal and yet simulatenously think it okay to kill human babies in the womb. And we can be pretty sure that most vegans, including Chealsea Clinton herself, support abortion since vegans are almost exclusively leftists.

jack c

Wow Brian what a strange way to attack someone on their wedding day!

Brian Junor

I'm not "attacking" Chelsea Clinton. I am attacking her freely chosen views which I believe deserve to be attacked since they represent part of the anti-male anti-western zeitgeist which as a conservative I oppose. Although I said I did not fully understand it, I understand it to some extent. I have no doubt that the rise of veganism and vegetarianism is directly connected with the leftist attack on traditional masculine culture which was synonymous with meat-eating. If you think this sounds strange, these opinions have been shared by feminist vegans for years whose views I think ought to be treated as though they were serious. To many such feminists and vegans meat eating evokes the pre-60's era of traditional Christian/American meals for Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving, etc. (think Norman Rockwell) and the male-dominated activity of hunting, as well as the Western disconnect from the carbohydrate and starch dominated diets of Asia, Africa and S. America.


I think Brian is putting words into Chelsea`s mouth when he hasn`t a clue what her views on abortion are.I tam afraid some Tories just don`t show any good grace at times!

Brian Junor

What the hell are you on about? 'Good Grace'? Who the heck is Chelsea Clinton to me?? She is the daughter of two people who I regard to be criminals and she also happens to be marrying the son of a confirmed criminal, a Congressman who has just been recently released from gaol. The lot of them can go to hell. I hardly think she would give a damn about what some nobody on some internet blog thought about her least of all on her wedding day. My comment was political. I imagined the comments section was for political discussion not for commenting on her wedding dress.


Not everything in life is political. These were two young people getting married to go on about abortion is simply ridiculous.Chelsea Clinton is a church going methodist so to say she is in favour of abortion is an assumption that you cannot jump to.I am afraid that like many Tories you just see politics in everything and it is not. Personally i don`t even know why this is on this site.


Good grief, what a horrible person this 'Brian' is.

Brian sums up neatly why conservatives are so repugnant. This intelligent, compassionate woman gets married today and the best he can say is some ultra-right-wing drivel about abortion and feminism.

Be quiet you vile old man.

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