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July 10, 2010


Ultimo Tiger

Why just the Women's backlash?

What about the Men?

Maggie wouldn't have made a distinction.


Palin is the true heir to Reagan.

Ultimo Tiger

So she's going to run up the debt, sell weapons to Iran and fund some rather nasty people in South America?


She is going to make America a shining city on a hill once again.

Ultimo Tiger

I thought you said Ronnie not JFK?


The woman is a mad, extremist who would be a bigger disaster as President than Jimmy Carter.I don`t think the American people are stupid enough to elect her.

David Lindsay

Ultimo Tiger, when they meet, will Thatcher explain to Palin her lifelong support for abortion up to birth, which she ensured became the law of this land while she was Prime Minister, with her proxies specifically and repeatedly citing the existence of Down's Syndrome as the reason why it was necessary, as they still do? And will Palin explain to Thatcher her admirable history as a Buchananite battler for job protection, for war aversion, for immigration control and for family values against the archenemy of all of them, the global "free" market, together with her record as Governor of Alaska on the basis of publicly administered natural resources held in common ownership? They are both overrated. But Palin is the better of the two.

Snake, I assume that, alas, you are not referring to Reagan's initiation of nuclear arms reduction in Europe, or to his withdrawal from Lebanon in 1983 because no American interest was at stake. So, do you mean what is usually called fiscal conservatism? Privatisation, globalisation, deregulation and demutualisation have turned out, in the most spectacular fashion, to be anything but fiscally responsible. The same is true of a generation of scorn for full employment, leading to the massively increased benefit dependency of the 1980s and to the institutionalisation of that mass indolence down to the present day. It is no wonder that Jerry Brown turns out to have been far more of a fiscal conservative, as that term is generally employed, than Ronald Reagan. Even to a fault on occasion.

Bringing us to the third leg of the stool, the social conservatives, "the Religious Right". The moral, social and cultural consequences of massively increased welfare dependency and the glorification of selfish greed were wholly of a piece with the rise of Political Correctness in the 1980s, and with that decade's general moral chaos. Reagan was an extremely infrequent churchgoer and did not formally belong to any parish, congregation or denomination. He remains the only President of the United States ever to have been divorced, while his Californian no fault divorce law became the model for those in most other states. And, as Governor of California, he signed into law the legalisation of abortion in that state. Read that last sentence over again.

Graeme Kemp

Than you - once again ConservativeHome provides a real laugh. This was far funnier than I ever expected.

What is this mad woman on about? Stampeding elephants? Bears attacking?

You couldn't make Sarah Palin up, could you?

Notice how devoid of actual content or substance her ranting on video is. Typical conservative.

Could we ask Sarah Palin if she believes in evolution or not? Better still watch her limp answers to questions from serious interviewers on YouTube! Bush doctine? Eh..........! Where's Russia?!


"Common sense Conservative" women - a contradiction in terms!

Thank you ConservativeHome.

Ultimo Tiger

I fail to see what's so good about Palin. Maybe it's one of those things that is just dreamt up a bit like how HHH is supposed to be a good wrestler when in fact he's useless.


Sarah Palin is going to give America back to the people that built The Greatest Country in the World.

God Bless America.

John English

I'm sure the Republican Party can find a better person than Sarah Palin. She's a hypocritical cretin.

Anyone ever see the interview where she said her experience in foreign policy comes from living in Alaska, next to Russia?


No we didn't John English because it doesn't exist. The "I can see Russia from my house" line was a joke on Comedy Central by a woman who had 3 months of fame during the election campaign doing Palin impressions. She never said it herself.

John English

Assuming this is the real Sarah Palin, have a look at this:


Do you really want this women running America? She makes Bush look intelligent.


And she makes you look stupid, but that's hardly an achievement.


...is the Russia spoof which MSN drip-fed sheep such as yourself have absorbed as being her words.


And this is good because.....

Ultimo Tiger

America is the greatest country in the world?

Urgh. I'd take Canada or Australia over her anyday of the week thanks.


Never underestimate the power of of a politician who knows which buttons to press with the competent majority.The people who pay the taxes, provide the stability, carry the passengers. Just knowing, gives them the right to stand up and ask for support.

John English


You're a vile little person aren't you? I had no quarrel with you, yet you wish to make it personal. I take it that video is her then? You try and excuse her incoherent ramblings by making a personal attack (and for the record, incorrect) on me. I'll let others decide who looks stupid.

Even if her comments were taken out of context, her performance in that interview is hardly credible, and in every other interview/speech I've seen her in.

"Msm-drig feed sheep" - oh get over yourself.

Steve Tierney

I cant see Sarah Palin becoming president - but she's a powerful and inspiration figure to many. Best of luck to her and the American Republicans. Obama is systematically dismantling one of the greatest countries in the world - anybody who helps put him out of office in the future will be doing the U.S.A. a big favour. Left to a second term I fear it will be much harder to reverse the decline.


So, John, you haven't looked at that second link - it's not her but the SNL "comedy" spoof which you (and many like you) have now accepted as being 'her' and her views. It's not - it is a deliberate caricature. Your prejudice is shaped by a liberal US media. Open your mind and research for yourself.


The Sarah Palin reference comes from her interview with Katie Couric during the election campaign: "As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where do they go? It's Alaska - it's just right over the border".

The "I can see Russia from my house" line was a parody by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live. SNL is a long-running late-night live sketch show on NBC, and NBC is a television network and as such gets much bigger audiences than cable channels like Comedy Central. Fey was with SNL for almost a decade as a writer and later performer before leaving to create the Emmy award-winning 30 Rock on NBC, so it's hardly fair to paint her as a fly-by-night one-hit-wonder.

Samuel Bronkowitz

Sarah Palin Mamma Grizzlies updated version:

Tony E

I will be very surprised if Palin makes any serious impact with this. It might play well as a woolly pre election video, but there is no policy.

America fell for that once this decade already and I doubt it will do so again. Also, the Republican party will be looking for a more substantial candidate for Novermeber 2012. I hope they find one, or the £20 bet I placed with a friend last night that Obama will be a one term president might go south on me!

Dual Citizen

The number of references to women this women that made it sound like a Harriett Harman speech! The thought of Palin as president is one reason I voted for Obama in 2008.

And @Geoff, the SNL Tina Fey spoofs were hardly stereotype. What made them so funny is that in the spoof of the Katie Couric interview Fey repeated Palin's stumbling answer verbatim!

martin sewell

When noting the attack roll of Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live it is worth remembering that it is a programme of NBC owned by General Electric the troubled largest Company in the world run by Geoffrey Immel who has been appointed to the Obama Administration and one of the largest Obama campaign contributors.

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