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July 11, 2010


Matt Woods

I know people in the US who were pushed to the brink of bankruptcy when their son had (and later died of) a brain tumour. Rick Barber sees people like that as a threat to his freedom and a Trojan Horse for Communism.

To compare an extension of government medical assistance to the Holocaust shows some of these Republicans are pretty sick. In fact, the Republicans already support socialised medicine in the form of Medicare, Medicaid, the VA and Military hospitals. If they hate "socialist" medicine so much, why don't they propose shutting down military hospitals and Veterans Health Administration?


How absolutely terrifying!


Nice advert! The singing section at the end in particular really makes the heart soar. Beautiful.

This guy is doing very well in the polls now, in no small part thanks to things like this. He could well take the Republican nomination and sweep to victory in the election, having come practically from nowhere.

Just shows that intelligent, well-thought out, hard-hitting political adverts can make all the difference in energising voters on the right. I hope Cameron is watching and taking notes.


Just another example why the Republicans are unfit to govern.

Jason O'Mahony

Why is it legitimate for the state to tax people to protect them from attack by foriegn nations, but not attack from, say, cancer cells? His point is legitimate, but his tone is the sort of tone that leads to people like Timothy McVeigh. Why, for example, is one of his supporters carrying a rifle at a political meeting? What's the subtle message there? Be willing to take up arms if you lose an election?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

What a nutjob! What a terrible insult to the 6 million + who died in the Holocaust.

I may be on the Social Right but if this man is typical of the Republicans I'd vote Democrat! I thought that sort of Yank politician had died with Joe Macarthy?

Matt Woods

The photos of ameciated Jewish prisoners in the concentration camp, probably not long before they were gassed to death and incinerated made this possibly the most disgusting video ever put on ConHome.

The Republicans have become a deeply unpleasant party, defined by what they're against rather than what they're for. Appealing to Hicks, fundamentalist crazies and Militiamen seems to be their tactic at the moment.

Think This


Tax is slavery - the state forcibly takes your income to spend on others. You are forced to work for another's benefit.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

"You are forced to work for another's benefit." Is that a fact? Well unless you are a sole trader running your own business we are ALL forced to work for another's benefit, be that the owner of the business which employs us, the shareholders (stockholders) of a large PLC, the clients/customers of the business etc.

Unless you live on a desert island or some anarchist commune, on any regularly organised society there has to be some form of taxation.

Matt Woods

"Tax is slavery - the state forcibly takes your income to spend on others. You are forced to work for another's benefit."

Perhaps we should go back to the days of having a fire-plaque on your house? At least that way, you're not forced to pay to rescue other people from burning buildings. After all, if my house has never burned down, surely it's SLAVERY to expect me to pay for the Fire Brigade?

Steve is right, there needs to be SOME (I would argue minimal) taxation if we are to be rendered members of a regularly organised society.


I'm a Libertarian so I don't approve of Obama's healthcare agenda however I do see this advert as totally tasteless and deeply offensive. Obama may be a socialist, yes I don't like socialism, in fact I find it morally wrong BUT I wouldn't dream of calling it an equivalent of Nazism or slavery for that manner.

The Tea Party movement in the USA has some real strong people in it with good principled views, people like Ron Paul for instance but like every political movement it has its nutjobs as well. This guy has just put himself across as an absolute moron and I am glad he is nowhere near his primary opponent in polling.

Small government is a good aim, but this is amateurish, offensive and moronic.

Stephen W

What the hell is this guy doing?

Did he really just equate not letting the poor starve with the holocaust?

Absolutely unbelievable. Reagan must be turning in his grave to see what his party has come to.

C H Ingoldby

He has a point.

Socialism is a form of slavery or serfdom where you are forced to work for other peoples benefits. It is rotten, not moral and not alturistic.

Legal Eagle

This advert is tasteless and bizarre however it is perhaps worth putting into context by mentioning that Rick Barber is seeking election in a congressional seat in Alabama which is just about the most conservative state in the Union and up against credible challenger in the Republican primary. Hopefully Mr Barber will not win the primary and his political career will be consigned to history however he is probably seeking to emulate a recent trend where the most conservative candidate has emerged victorious in a series of Republican primaries regardless of experience, ability or electability - witness Rand Paul in Kentucky, Sharron Angle in Nevada and Marco Rubio in Florida. By selecting "Tea Party" candidates the Republicans are coaxing Independent voters into the arms of moderate Democrats at the Congressional elections however the GOP has seemingly decreed that ideological purity is more important than winning elections. This is a sad development when Obama's administration has been fiscally irresponsible and has prolonged America's foreign policy mistakes.UK Conservatives who support moderate Republicans must hope that Sarah Palin must not win the Party's presidential nomination as if she does prepare for a 1984 style landslide which will be completely undeserved by Obama but will be necessary to prevent someone who is completely unqualified to hold the most important job in the world from taking office.

Ultimo Tiger

I'll bet you £10 he's a sleeper agent for another party designed to show up the Republicans.

Or are they really getting that dumb?

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I am neutral as regards the politics of the USA and have no real preference for either Republicans or Democrats but I do agree that if the Republicans want to have a chance of victory against Obama in 2012 they must get rid of Sarah Palin and her type. The idea of her having her finger in the Nuclear trigger as President of the USA terrifies me!


He would get my vote.

J Hemmings

I don't understand why he's ok with his taxes going to public roads, public schools, libraries, etc, but not hospitals. What's up with that? Maybe he's ok with Commie libraries and street lights...?

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