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July 05, 2010



Shouldn't that be bankers.....


Alex - you wouldn`t expect a Republican to understand that Government has a legitimate role. They seem to be happy with the defence/war budget to balloon. They complain about $800 billion stimulus which paid for scientific research, income tax cuts, roads etc but happy to spend $1 trillon on Iraq and Afghanistan. Which gives better value?

Ultimo Tiger

Yum Yum?

Bit like America gobbling up Britain's old empire?

Brian Junor

How sickening. Not just the sight of an obese Uncle Sam devouring cake but because the Republicans are a bunch of unprincipled lying pigs who expanded government more than any Democrat until Obama. They also helped to swamp America with third world Meztisos which will ultimately push America permenantly in the direction of ethnic socialism.

martin sewell

Anyone got anything to say about what the ad is actually about?

( Clue - Obama spent more in the first three months in office than EVERY OTHER AMERICAN PRESIDENT IN HISTORY COMBINED.) That includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, World Wars I & II, Civil War and War of Independence plus Civil Righte Education Acts Katrina etc etc etc.

Just sit and think about that for half a second and you will understand Mr Bender's concern. Of course if you are a liberal , make that at least I month - we know you're slow learners.

Dean O'Brien


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