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June 16, 2010



What is the British government doing while Britain's most strategically important company gets ripped apart by the Obama administration?

It is clear from Obama's continuing comments that whatever behind the scenes support may have been given - if any - it has had no effect.

Cameron should have made a public defence of BP. Instead, when he did speak in public on this, he merely gave support to Obama's comments.

BP is being treated as if it is criminally liable before any investigation has even been completed. It continues to be treated as if it is the only company involved.

It is being made a scapegoat for the incompetence of the Obama administration.

BP is being torn apart and the British government is just standing on the sidelines and watching.

David Hollins

I expect Obama forgot to mention that Exxon Mobil has been spilling oil all over the Niger river delta for 20 years, but that is okay.

Alistair Thomas

Nice to see that it is "BP" now and not "British" Petroleum. Nice to see no more feet on necks, or butts being kicked. Maybe Cameron's words have had some effect.

I couldn't help noticing that the spill is all BP's fault, but that the clean-up is an entirely US-administration led affair. BP was obbviously doing nothing to limit the damage, but thank goodness the president and his team were there to save the American people. BP just has to get the cheque book out.

Since BP has no authority or responsibility for the containment, I assume they have a legal case against the US authorities for any failure in containment and some limits therefore on the cost of clean-up. No? Thought not. The President claims credit for any containment / clean-up effort but any failure in those efforts remains BP's fault. How convenient for example to get BP to pay for making the oil industry redundant by presidential edict (and against expert advice apparently - Salazar sexed up the recommendations on dealing with the crisis to include the moratorium after the experts panel had signed it).

From the President's own mouth, US administrations have been slow to help this region overcome previous commercial and economic hardships. How convenient to have a global corporate with deep pockets to fix the spill and past and present US administration short-comings.

The President says he wants an impartial inquiry to find out why / how this happened. Really? Surely from his words the verdict is already known? This happened through BP's recklessness? We know the answer, we just need some impartial Americans to ask the right questions to facilitate the legal claims. One thing that must be obvious to any impartial observer is that by his words and deeds the President has prejudiced any chance of BP getting a fair trial. US regulations were woefully inadequate apparently but this isn't a consequence of BP's complying with sloppy rules, it's all about BP's recklessness.

It's a shame that there was no room for an international effort to help our American friends deal with this crisis, no room for the Oil industry to come together to help limit the damage to their industry's reputation. It's hard to escape the conclusion given the political objectives that are clearly in play here that this situation needed to be allowed to be big enough to provide political momentum for policies that otherwise would not have enjoyed such popular support. Some aspects of the handling of this situation smell as badly as the oil involved.

I trust nations all over the world will be looking at US banks and their role in the global financial crisis and ensuring that they put aside sufficient funds to repair the damage they have caused. Of course American-based corporates are not liable for their "Recklessness". It would however be nice if the US legal system stopped protecting those like the criminals of Bhopal. My heart goes out to the people of Louisiana, Florida etc. They are just pawns in a very big and rather nasty game.

John Coles

Well, what else would you expect, Steve? Mr Cameron is an oleaginous PR man, intent on placating everyone concerned in the oil spill and lacking the stomach for a confrontation with that Chicago Southside thug, Obama.
Meanwhile, one of our vital companies is kicked to death.

christina Speight

When - one must ask - is the USA going to compensate the people of Bhopal in India for the gassing and killing of 20,000 people by Union Carbide. Deaths from the Gulf disaster are minimal and are confined to the American workers on the American drilling rig which caused the disaster. And why did France only receive 50% of the costs of cleaning up the wrecked American oil tanker off Brittany

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