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January 23, 2010



The Republican Party is turning into a joke. This interview is full of nonsensical contradictions.

Let's start with Sean Hannity, oh yes good old Sean Hannity with his small government rhetoric hiding his true authoritarian beliefs. He starts by attacking Obama for being anti-business but the truth is that Bush and Obama both were extremely pro-business, at least pro BIG business.

Neither had any interest in the small business owner who was truly creating jobs, instead both subscribed to a form of state ordered corporatism were tax payers money was used to prop up failed institutions. But of course Hannity blubbers with affection for Bush while attacking Obama without accepting that economically... their strategies are about the same! Typical party hack!

Secondly we appear to receive a lecture on small government by... what's this... a member of the Bush administration!!!! What on earth is going on here?

Could this be the same Bush administration who introduced big government authoritarian policies such as the Patriot Act? Could this be the same Bush administration that invaded Iraq and Afghanistan because it decided deep down governing America just wasn't quite enough? To receive a lecture on small government from a modern day Republican is tantamount to receiving a lecture on freedom by Stalin!

This moron he's interviewing goes onto tell us that Scott Brown's election is about opposing big government in the health care bill and cutting Medicare spending.... hang on... is that not a contradiction in terms. Medicare IS a big government welfare programme so to preach small government and complain about cuts to it is political expediency at best and idiocy at worst!

The truth is Obama was right, about one thing in his life, that the same thing that elected him did indeed elect Scott Brown. That thing was that everyone is sick of the current make-up of the government of America and it's vast interference in their lives and lives abroad. They voted Obama to change that and he has failed miserably and they voted Scott Brown to protest at that, no doubt if he stays close to Mitch McConnell he will fail too.

The only chance the Republican Party has of becoming anything with the slightest scrape of ideals again is listening to Ron Paul, just about the only politician in the world worthy of respect because he has consistently fought for and voted with his beliefs without fail.

Until that day the Republicans, as far as myself and so many people in America are concerned, will be just the same as the Democrats. Another party of warmongering statist authoritarians who's concept of liberty only amounts to what they want to let you do from their ivory towers!

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