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August 20, 2009


Chris Neal

I cannot forget the loss of my friend Sally and several American colleagues all returning home for Christmas and murdered over Lockerbie but I know in my heart that compassion and forgiveness is a good thing. May God have mercy on al- Megrahi as He will be his final judge. Hilary bitterness eats you up and destroys your life, don't take it so personally leave it in God's hands now.

working class tory

Yes hilary i do not have a short memory either espcially when it comes to justice.
The chappaquidic murderer whose family have allways been anti brits who who to this day harbour I>R>A murderers in the name of freedom fighters.The Kennedys and Shrivers. Lets not forget Obama who wants Guantamano releases to spread over Europe as they are to dangerous to enter the land of the free,so its ok to terorise us but not you.I worked in the SPS during this trial and after it and the supposed evidence i did not meet to many who thought he was guilty.We do have a seperate system and prisoners are released if they are at deaths door.which is more humane than the land of the free who would hang electrocute and inject anyone.


We should cease and desist all treaties with the Scottish government, immediately. I had planned a vacation over there this fall, but I've withdrawn (along with eleven-(11) of my fellow travelers). There are only five-(5) remaining, and it appears that no one will go, because the tour operator hasn't met his quota.

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