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August 01, 2009


Tony Makara

This is clearly a case of the police following proceadure and the president trying to make capital out of the incident. Obama should not be interfering in trifling incidents like this.


Agreed Tony he shouldn't. He did tho because it reflects race sentiments he's held.

I Albion

If it had been a white man arrested Obama would not have even heard about it

Andrew S

his first f**k up?


I think so Andre, for me it's hard to tell though if this did have a deep seated race thing or was a showing of the Presidents naiveity.


His first F up for those with no clue and, I really don't think care much anyway.

First off Obama contributed toward any fans flaming racism he later claimed, a teaching moment? What exactly is the teaching moment? The fact that people should stop implying the ugly with no facts or where its way too soon. Maybe the teaching lesson is for those with an agenda to stop crying racism.

He revealed part of his character. And even after he began to learn more facts of the case, he still would not make a full apology. He stopped short with Sgt. James Crowley saying he should have chosen his words more carefully. Typical. The fact is he should've refrained from saying anything but he refused because he already drew a conclusion based on his own biased disposition.

Another nice little F up was he made a terrible joke about Special Olympics and that too was supposed to be a teaching lesson.

And we were told during the 2008 Presidential campaign that for 20 years when he attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago he never sat in a pew when Reverend Jeremiah Wright made F up racist comments or spewed hate from the pulpit against America time after time again ad nauseam.

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