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July 29, 2009


Mark M

Now that was refreshing honesty. No attempt to spin his way out of it. "These are cuts, and they are my cuts". If the public don't like it they can boot him out, either through recall or in 2010. Nice to see democracy working.

Steve Tierney

Arnold is an unusual and extremely clever man. I suspect history will view him very favourably. But I wouldn't want to have to face the flak he will endure over all this, particularly if it gets worse. I suppose that's what makes him a leader.

Mr Angry

Governor Swarzenegger is making it very plain to the left that they cannot have it all ways. If they want to protect their various sacred cow social spending programmes then they should have not voted down the $1.4 billion of additional income that the Governor proposed be raised by allowing increased oil drilling. It is impossible for the left to have it all ways with massive welfare payouts, oppressive fake green initiatives and only the "rich" paying for it all.

Sooner or later the same types of debate will be necessary here in the UK.


Mark M - Unfortunately for him he is term limited and it is likely former Democratic Governor and presidential candidate Jerry Brown will replace him in the Governor's Mansion next year according to the polls!

Mark M


Indeed. I read that after posting about it. Interesting to see how he was voted in in a recall election, so technically he doesn't even get two full terms.

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