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May 04, 2009


Henry Mayhew - ukipper

Great stuff.


First signs of a left-wing dictator I'd say...


Well let's be honest, they're dealing with a proper President now, not that Texas hick they had last time.


hmmm...I would have vote for Obama but I'm not impressed with what I've seen so far. My folks were in the US during the elections and they too went out with a general predisposition towards him but came back reporting almost bizzare scenes of naive worship that unsettled them. I fear he will be a disappointment to be honest but of the two he was the better at the time. It feels like a Blair situation.

Tristan Downing

Everyone always seems to be looking for the best in politics, but it doesn't exist. You just have to make do with going against the worst option. Another Republican White House would be a disaster for the world.

If the GOP would just get rid of its religious fundamentalist base, it might become an okay party.

I think the press were rude for not standing when the head of state enters the room, even if he was an idiot. At least noone threw a shoe though.

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