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February 05, 2009


martin sewell

I am afraid that the pro Obama Press has not widely reported that this particular proposal is not retrospective and so it will apply only to those companies seeking future bailouts but not the past. It is said that to do otherwise would invite lengthy litigation.

At this moment it applies to nobody. The biggest miscreants have already had their payoffs.

Only the highly cynical will have noted that Obama's opening moves so far have benefitted the his largest donors ( Wall Street ) His second largest donors ( Litigation lawyers )with the Act permitting retrospective claims for wage discrimination against women (the kind of retrospection that can't be done in the bailout) and Feminists with £400m to Abortion support services.

Three of his nominees have tax problems, neatly answering the question why rich liberals do not mind higher taxes - they don't pay them - and 15 appointees were previously employed as Lobbyists. Rahn Emanuel has told us that he has a daily Conference call with Bill Clinton's three principle "attack dogs" James Carville Paul Begala and Georege Stephanopoulis. These were the guys who showed their respect for women by calling Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinski, and Juanita Broderick trailer trash and liar until Bill fessed up ( except to the Broderick rape allegation)

We have Hillary at the State Department and Washington ( the only area to be statutorily exempted from Union closed shops) up to its neck in pork.

Aren't you soooo pleased we have "Change we can believe in"

Lindsay Jenkins

It is wrong to pay the stratospheric levels of $$ of shareholders' money when times are good.

But it is Obama madness, I argue, to impose this level of cap on people who are asked to pull banks out of the deep, deep mire. They are the ones who should get the rewards - if they succeed.

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