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September 08, 2013

The G20 discussions about Syria were "heavy going", says Hague

August 26, 2013

We're clear that the Assad regime was behind last week's chemical attack, says Hague

June 09, 2013

William Hague: Law-abiding citizens have "nothing to fear" from phone and email snooping

May 31, 2013

William Hague: Geneva peace talks are "the only hope in the near future" for a Syrian solution

April 11, 2013

Syria could be the humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century

‪Hague urges North Korea to "engage in talks"‬

April 08, 2013

William Hague says don't play to North Korea's rhetoric


March 26, 2013

William Hague visits a rescue camp with Angelina Jolie

February 12, 2013

William Hague condemns North Korea's latest nuclear test

February 03, 2013

William Hague explains why he supports same-sex marriage

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