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March 08, 2012

WATCH: SteveHiltonGuru leaves wigwam

March 05, 2012

Nicholas Watt and Iain Martin contribute to the Daily Politics' four minute profile of Cameron's No.10 operation

By Tim Montgomerie
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You won't get a much better quick guide to David Cameron's Number 10 operation than this video put together by Giles Dilnot of BBCTV's Daily Politics. You learn a little about Steve 'blue-sky-thinking' Hilton's style. The centrality of Cabinet Secretary Jeremy 'big-beast' Heywood. And the absence of a 'Consigliere'-style figure to knock heads together and ensure the PM's writ rules across Whitehall. The need for a McGarry-style Chief of Staff was recommended by ConHome two years ago.

October 03, 2011

After having a private 'chat' with Steve Hilton, Andrew Tyrie describes Osborne's speech as "relentlessly focused on growth"


January 09, 2010

Channel 4 News reports on the circumstances that led to the arrest, in 2008, of Steve Hilton


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