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October 15, 2011

Philip Hammond arrives at the Ministry of Defence and pays tribute to Liam Fox

The military challenges facing Hammond

July 21, 2011

Philip Hammond defends Cameron from claims he had inappropriate discussions with News Intl about BSkyB bid

July 05, 2011

Philip Hammond reacts to news of job losses in Derby because ThamesLink contract goes to Germany-based Siemens

February 27, 2011

Hammond vows to convert opponents of HiSpeed rail plan

January 13, 2011

Philip Hammond is challenged by Andrew Neil to take action about rising fuel prices

December 19, 2010

Philip Hammond says it is a great myth that Britain copes badly with snow

December 02, 2010

Philip Hammond tells Jon Snow on Channel Four News that people should not travel tonight unless absolutely necessary

November 25, 2010

Philip Hammond outlines how the Government is investing £8 billion in the railway network

October 08, 2010

Philip Hammond on Alan Johnson's appointment as Shadow Chancellor


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