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April 20, 2012

Michael Portillo declines to endorse Boris Johnson

December 09, 2011

Europe is the bomb in the Tory living room says Tim Montgomerie in video for BBC's This Week

The video was followed by a discussion with Michael Portillo and Jacqui Smith:

November 04, 2011

Michael Portillo: "Luckily, at last" the idea about countries leaving the €urozone is being considered


October 05, 2011

Michael Portillo: "Cameron is still dragging around this burden" of "uncharismatic rebels"


September 23, 2011

Michael Portillo says the Dale Farm travellers "had every opportunity of due process


March 15, 2011

A charismatic leader gets a defeated party 50% of the way back to power, says Michael Portillo

May 03, 2008

What do the Tories need to do to satisfy Michael Portillo?

Blogger Iain Dale is unimpressed with Michael Portillo's dissing of the Tory local elections performance which saw them hit 44% of the national vote.  More from Iain Dale here.


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