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July 02, 2013

Martin Callanan MEP: Create more employment in Europe by creating some unemployment in the European Commission

May 21, 2013

Martin Callanan MEP wants concrete results from tomorrow's EU summit on energy and tax evasion

March 13, 2013

Martin Callanan MEP backs cut in EU budget


February 05, 2013

Martin Callanan takes on Francois Hollande‬, France's President

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January 15, 2013

‪Martin Callanan MEP debates future of Europe with Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann‬

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November 21, 2012

Martin Callanan MEP: "The EU is not short of money, it just spends the money it has very, very badly"

November 08, 2012

Martin Callanan MEP to Angela Merkel: "I hope that you and Germany will take the lead" in free-market EU reforms

September 12, 2012

Martin Callanan MEP: The only way the €urozone can work is if poorer countries are given cash, not just loans

July 03, 2012

Martin Callanan: Last week's EU summit solved nothing

June 13, 2012

Martin Callanan MEP: The EU needs to "respond to the needs of the people, and not impose ideas upon them"


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