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June 29, 2013

Charles Moore discusses his biography of Margaret Thatcher at the Chalke Valley History Festival

April 27, 2013

Thatcher on fashion: "I must never look like mutton dressed as lamb"

Tony Bray, Margaret Thatcher's first boyfriend, speaks

Tony Bray on his relationship with Margaret Thatcher

April 18, 2013

Charles Moore, Michael Gove and Peter Mandelson discuss Margaret Thatcher's political legacy during a recent Policy Exchange event

Charles Moore accuses the BBC of "behaving badly" over Margaret Thatcher's death

Charles Moore on Margaret Thatcher's funeral: "It was all very appropriate and dignified"

April 17, 2013

Amanda Thatcher reading at Margaret Thatcher's funeral service

David Cameron delivers a reading during Margaret Thatcher's funeral service

George Osborne sheds a tear during Margaret Thatcher's funeral service


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