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July 03, 2011

Ken Clarke berated outside his home by protester dressed as Batman

June 29, 2011

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke defends his sentencing policies on the Today programme

May 26, 2011

Is the fifth person from the right asleep during Obama's speech?

May 20, 2011

Ken Clarke tells BBC1's Question Time that he's sorry about his rape remarks

May 19, 2011

Promising to choose his words more carefully, Clarke laughs off resignation suggestion

May 18, 2011

Ken Clarke clarifies rape views

March 31, 2011

Ken Clarke announces the first prisons to be run by private sector contractors

March 23, 2011

Did Ken Clarke have a nap during the Budget?

March 12, 2011

Ken Clarke explains why he will vote No to AV

February 23, 2011

Under AV people who vote BNP or Loony get their count voted most, says Cameron

CCHQ has just released this video, including a contribution from Ken Clarke in which he describes AV as a "reckless" change. The video ends with a very direct appeal from the Tory leader to every Tory member to get out and vote "no".


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