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June 12, 2012

Sir John Major: Rupert Murdoch asked me to change policies on the EU


April 09, 2012

How John Major won the 1992 election

February 05, 2012

It is "beyond doubt" that Prince Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth, insists John Major

On the Andrew Marr programme Sir John Major said that William and Kate had added enormously to the Royal Family but there was no question that on the Queen's death but that Prince Charles would inherit the throne.

December 23, 2011

World leaders including David Cameron and Sir John Major attend Václav Havel's funeral

April 09, 2011

This day in 1992: John Major wins historic fourth general election victory for the Conservatives

March 01, 2011

Sir John Major expresses his fear of a "full scale civil war" in Libya as he discusses the West's options for intervention

March 24, 2010

BBC video comparing the economies of 1997 and today

March 07, 2010

Brown uses troops as political props, says John Major

July 05, 2009

Sir John Major warns of the dangers of not correcting the public finances

December 15, 2008

Sir John Major has accused the government of "over-cooking" the economic crisis to justify the rising level of borrowing


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