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December 12, 2011

British EU treaty safeguards were "modest, reasonable and relevant" says Cameron


Maastricht rebel Richard Shepherd says he has no doubt that their rebellion was right


Daniel Hannan MEP: The UK should become "the sanctuary to which people come fleeing the chaos of the €urozone"


December 11, 2011

"We’re not marginalised" in Europe after EU Treaty veto, says William Hague


December 07, 2011

At PMQs, Cameron promises Andrew Rosindell that he will show "bulldog spirit" at the EU summit


December 05, 2011

Bernard Jenkin MP & Nahdhim Zahawi MP discuss the UK's relationship with the EU with Andrew Neil


November 29, 2011

George Osborne opens his Autumn Statement: "Whatever it takes" will be done to protect Britain, as Europe heads towards recession


August 05, 2011

William Hague: Britain is "not in the firing line" of the €urozone crisis

June 09, 2011

Richard Ashworth MEP: The European Parliament would be "exceedingly unwise if it doesn't take on board" national governments' austerity

December 17, 2010

David Cameron claims victory over EU budget


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