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July 03, 2013

Ahead of the EU Referendum vote, James Wharton MP says "it's about time people were given a say"

May 21, 2013

Martin Callanan MEP wants concrete results from tomorrow's EU summit on energy and tax evasion

May 16, 2013

James Wharton discusses his private member's bill for an EU referendum

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October 09, 2012

WATCH: EU referendum: Now or later?

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June 29, 2012

Cameron: For the first time, we've seen real steps taken to protect the Eurozone

As Cameron rules out a Europe referendum that's In/Out, John Baron MP explains why 100 Conservative MPs want a Europe referendum of some kind

May 30, 2012

Channel 4 News report on ConservativeHome poll showing Tory members want an in/out referendum pledge in the next manifesto

Full details of the poll here.

April 20, 2012

Speaking on behalf of Conservative MEPs, Ashley Fox opposes EU accession to the ECHR

This is not the position of the Coalition government - which supports EU accession. Mr Fox makes this clear at the end of the video, saying Tory MEPs are far more in tune with the British people in opposing accession and are able to be Conservatives, not Coalition-ites on the issue.

January 22, 2012

David Davis: If the €uro is continually bailed out, there will be a "decade of zombie economies" in the €urozone


December 14, 2011

Daniel Hannan MEP: Eurocrats no longer disguise their loathing of Britain



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