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July 24, 2012

David Gauke describes cash in hand payments as "morally wrong" in interview with the Telegraph

April 16, 2012

David Gauke explains why the government is in favour of a cap on charity donation tax relief

April 13, 2012

Treasury minister David Gauke defends 'charity cap' after Vince Cable and John Whittingdale join chorus of concern

January 24, 2012

Treasury minister David Gauke MP talks to BBC News after UK debt hits £1 trillion for first time ever

October 18, 2011

David Gauke tells Andrew Neil that the Coalition is doing all it can to cut the cost of living

Treasury Minister David Gauke says he agrees with the Bank of England forecast and other commentators that inflation will start falling at the end of the year. Andrew Neil invites him to come back then and predicts it will likely be an uncomfortable interview.

September 05, 2010

Treasury minister David Gauke says the Government has acted quickly to deal with the problem of nearly 6 million people having paid the wrong amount of tax


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