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July 29, 2013

Daniel Hannan MEP: ‪How the EU pays to keep Africa in poverty‬

April 30, 2012

Daniel Hannan MEP: ‪The case for ethnographic frontiers‬

February 08, 2012

‪Daniel Hannan: The EU wants everybody to copy it‬

December 14, 2011

Daniel Hannan MEP: Eurocrats no longer disguise their loathing of Britain


December 12, 2011

Daniel Hannan MEP: The UK should become "the sanctuary to which people come fleeing the chaos of the €urozone"


November 25, 2011

Daniel Hannan: The true cost of climate change

November 22, 2011

Daniel Hannan MEP: Against the International Criminal Court

November 16, 2011

"We're being sent the bill to prop up" the €uro, says Daniel Hannan MEP


August 31, 2011

Daniel Hannan refers ‪MEPs to the Gospel of St Luke, Chapter 41‬

June 07, 2011

A four-minute profile of Daniel Hannan MEP


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