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August 12, 2010

Chris Grayling welcomes the latest drop in unemployment as Chris Huhne attacks Labour's economic legacy on behalf of the Coalition

July 14, 2010

Chris Grayling welcomes the latest reduction in unemployment

April 13, 2010

Chris Grayling is interviewed by Adam Boulton at Battersea Power Station after the Conservative manifesto launch

February 05, 2010

Chris Grayling insists there has been a big rise in violent crime over the last decade and that he will continue to say so

December 20, 2009

Chris Grayling tells Sky News that he will review laws to protect householders who defend themselves from intruders

November 12, 2009

Britain needs an annual cap on immigration from outside the EU, says Chris Grayling

September 25, 2009

Chris Grayling says innocent people's DNA would only be retained if they were accused of very serious crimes

The Shadow Home Secretary was talking to Radio 4. Listen again here.

August 30, 2009

Chris Grayling meets a north London youth worker who deals with the consequences of urban drug addiction

July 15, 2009

Chris Grayling says trial of Gary McKinnon should take place in UK, not US

Click here to listen.

April 12, 2009

Tories demand apology from Gordon Brown over smear emails


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