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July 07, 2013

Chris Grayling - "There will be no pact with UKIP."

March 03, 2013

Chris Grayling accuses Margaret Hodge of using Public Accounts Committee for political grandstanding

The Justice Secretary was talking to Five Live's John Pienaar.

November 22, 2012

Chris Grayling: While Britain has an obligation to act on the international ruling on prisoner votes, "it remains the case that Parliament is sovereign" and will not change the law unless and until Parliament decides to

July 18, 2012

Chris Grayling welcomes another fall in unemployment

The unemployment rate has fallen from 8.3% to 8.1% over the last three months (BBC).

February 29, 2012

Chris Grayling insists work experience scheme is voluntary despite Channel 4 News claims

February 22, 2012

Chris Grayling accuses anti-capitalist campaigners of trying to wreck Coalition's work programme

Background report:

January 21, 2012

Chris Grayling: "We were in the extraordinary position of simply not being able to answer questions" about benefits tourism

January 18, 2012

Chris Grayling: "There's a very mixed picture in these [unemployment] figures - it's not quite as clear-cut as the headlines suggest"

December 15, 2011

Chris Grayling tells unemployed youngsters: "We're certainly not going to leave you sitting there on your own indefinitely"

December 06, 2011

Boris Johnson and Chris Grayling in attendance at the British Curry Awards



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