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August 29, 2012

Bernard Jenkin MP: Nick Clegg's new wealth tax idea is "an easy pre-conference clap line", but an impractical idea

March 16, 2012

Bernard Jenkin MP tells Channel 4 he wants 50p tax band abolished; Guy Opperman MP calls for low-paid to be Osborne's priority

The two Tory MPs contributed to this report from Channel 4's Michael Crick.

Earlier today on ConservativeHome, Guy Opperman wrote: A bit of extra tax on properties over £2million seems perfectly fair to me

December 16, 2011

Bernard Jenkin MP: "If the Euro goes down, and we suffer a decline in economic growth... our [credit] rating may well be affected"

"We"re all eurosceptics now" (mp3)

December 05, 2011

Bernard Jenkin MP & Nahdhim Zahawi MP discuss the UK's relationship with the EU with Andrew Neil


October 24, 2011

Bernard Jenkin MP fears the "political elite" may - yet again - deny the people a vote on EU

March 21, 2011

Bernard Jenkin and Jeremy Corbyn talk to the BBC about the Libyan campaign

March 07, 2011

Mark Field and Patrick Mercer tell Channel 4 News that mood of Tory MPs is "fragile"

Also contributing were MPs Douglas Carswell, Bernard Jenkin, Dom Raab and Mark Pritchard. An anonymous source tells Gary Gibbon, Channel 4's Political Editor, that the passage of AV would amount to "a dagger to the heart of the Conservative Party".


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