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November 12, 2012

ITV viewers vote for Nadine Dorries MP to face a 'bug trial' in first instalment of I Am A Celebrity

By Tim Montgomerie
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Last night Nadine Dorries had her first outing on ITV1's 'I am a celebrity'. This was the video that ITV released yesterday in which the Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire 'looked forward' to her experience:

Yesterday on ConHome she explained why she was going into the jungle:

"An audience of 16 million people for the first and last show and 12 million per show is a very large audience. In the world of messaging, it's huge. It would have been mad to have refused... MPs are not popular and so I don't expect to be in the jungle for very long butI hope I can do something to make some people think again. That some of us politicians come from very normal backgrounds and went into politics for reasons of deep belief and principle."

Here are a few newspaper reviews of her first jungle experience:

"Most of the Tory high command would like to see Nadine Dorries skinned alive for her temerity in abandoning Parliament for the thrills of reality TV. So, no doubt many will have been delighted  last night at the look of horror across her face as she discovered what she had let herself in for on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! The Conservative MP appeared shocked on finding out that contestants would be forced to empty their own toilet in the Australian jungle. Reading camp instructions she said: 'Oh my God! We have to empty the toilet out with our hands.'" - Daily Mail

"When her team were given the task of crossing a swamp in a small boat Dorries realised that it was time to take command. "I don't know much about rowing," she said candidly, "but I do know the oars need to go into the water, and at the same time." What followed should have been a source of rich amusement to the Conservative whips office; under Nadine's command the SS Dorries span in circles before sinking beneath its hapless crew." - Independent

"We were scarcely past the first ad break before her team had lost the inaugural orienteering-style challenge and been forced to spend the night on the forest floor in a rubber sleeping bag. It was possibly one of the worst nights of my life," said Dorries, as memories of midnight sittings to vote on obscure subclauses of the budget took on a rosy glow." - Guardian

Tonight she faces her first endurance test. ITV viewers voted for Ms Dorries to face a "bug trial". It doesn't sound nice.


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