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February 26, 2012

Fears grow that Lib Dems will veto boundary changes if Tories veto elected House of Lords

By Tim Montgomerie
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Paul Goodman appears in this Sunday Politics report on Lords reform, warning that Lib Dems might withdraw support from the boundaries review if they don't get an elected Lords. Tories need to understand, says Ming Campbell, that belief in an elected Lords is in the Lib Dems' DNA.

After the above package the Lib Dem peer Lord Oakeshott debated reform with Tory backbencher Philip Davies. Davies told Oakeshott that he'd treat Lib Dem claims to believe in democracy more seriously if they weren't so pro-EU. Oakeshott said the Conservatives wouldn't get boundary reform if Lib Dems didn't get an elected Lords...

Andrew Neil: Would you vote against Lords reform?

Philip Davies MP: Absolutely, I certainly will be.

Lord Oakeshott: Okay well in that case you’ll be fighting the next election on the old boundaries.

It was a sparky exchange...

And as for Lord Oakeshott's claim that an elected Lords was in the Tory manifesto - that is disputed.


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