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August 13, 2009

Norman Tebbit says Cameron does not talk to him and he can't forgive Geoffrey Howe for his ousting of Margaret Thatcher

Tebbit&Davis During an interview over roast pheasant with Radio 4's Evan Davis Lord Tebbit...

  • Announces that both Brown and Blair were wrong but unlike Blair, Brown is not a bad man.
  • Admits he can't forgive Lord Howe for his attack on Lady Thatcher in 1990.
  • Says that David Cameron will almost certainly win the General Election but that the Conservative leader regards him as "part of the nasty party that used to win elections."
  • That by only appealing to the switchers in the middle ground the "clever young men" advising David Cameron risk hard core Tories staying-at-home or defecting to UKIP in the same way that Old Labourites have defected to the BNP.

Click here to listen to the interview.  Click here to watch the cooking.


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