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May 21, 2013


Michael J. Savage

Chairman UK Conservatives Redux
A Salmond Cake

The white paper on Scotland’s independence is due in November, and the wily Alex Salmond is busy lobbying for support to have seventy-seven year old novelist William Mcllvaney write an ‘Executive Summary’ if you will to capture the imagination of the masses. Credit where credit is due, Mr. Salmond is doing a masterful job in seizing the moment, and building a consensus among all ages and facets of society, and if he can maintain that energy and bluster up to September 18, 2014 he may well get his place in the history books that he covets so much. So why am I not convinced? Why do I always look at him and think of a bakers shop?

If he worked in a baker’s shop he would be the cake decorator and people would come from miles around to see his creations. His artistry would stimulate the senses, excite the taste buds and people would eagerly part with their hard earned cash to buy the dreams he was purveying. Only when the cake was cut to serve would people realize that the confection was not what the icing had promised them. The ingredients were cheap, in the wrong proportions and poorly prepared. Sadly with the cake already bought the people have no choice but to eat it. The baker unable to balance the cost of making a good cake with the extravagance of Salmond’s icing may well slide into debt and bankruptcy losing all that was once his but the wily Salmond as he had done at his prior work at Holyrood could he heard mumbling ‘It wisnae me’ as he headed to the exit door for his next engagement.

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