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June 25, 2012



We have to stop the mad idea of Alex Salmond of breaking up Great Britain. As Willie Rennie says: "Raise funds, deliver leaflets: there will be plenty of that. Answer phones, tweet, whatever you can do, because you can do it." And we need the help from all the corners of the U.K. to keep our country! To join us go to the webpage: bettertogether


In this corner of the United Kingdom fifty or so million of us don't get a vote. Probably that is fortunate for the no campaign. Scotland already occupies a privileged constitutional, electoral and financial position within the U.K. The most recent Scotland Act transfers further powers to Holyrood without offering any equivalent devolution to England and David Cameron is dropping heavy hints of even greater Scottish autonomy if Salmond's proposal is rejected. So why should the English support a continued union with an increasingly detached Scotland? There doesn't seem to be anything in it for us. If there is, no one thinks it's worth bothering to tell us about it. The United Kingdom received a mortal wound in 1997. The death is being long drawn out, but it is probably time to put it out of its misery. I look forward to the day when Scottish schadenfreude over English footballing defeats will at least be coming from foreigners, not from people with whom I have to share a state.


I see the shipyard workers are from BAe Systems. Would that be the same BAe Sytems that really ripped through taxpayers funds when they built the aircraft carriers? Hmm...not such a wonderful choice.


Err..just another thought....it strikes me in the clip that more than quite a few of the jobs are tax payer funded. I wonder if perhaps the Scots voters quite like the idea of the very generous settlement that they get to provide 'public services' in Scotland....


The problem that we have in Scotland is not just with those Scots who wish to separate Scotland from the rest of Britain but also that small minority in England who have a “good riddance” attitude towards Scotland.
There are several reasons why Scottish independence would be a catastrophe for the entire UK.

• The UK will no longer benefit from the resources of gas and oil coming from the North Sea.
• If an independent Scotland faces economic problems, the rest of the UK will have to bail it out, as it happened with Ireland. The close proximity of Scotland to the rest of the UK means that we are joined at the hip economically regardless of independence, so the “good riddance” brigade would soon find they are not rid of anything.


Speaking as one of the "good riddance brigade" I think you will find that we a are quite a large minority, if not a majority (there is a Spectator debate on this subject next Wednesday, the result will be interesting). As to the alleged disadvantages, I will happily take the risk. We did indeed help to bail out the Irish Republic, but at least we don't offer it a say in governing England.

I Albion

Salmondnet, you are certainly speaking for me in every thing you have wrote. I wish Scotland well but just go!
(we all know they won't)


The UK government unilaterally altered the International boundary between England and Scotland in the North Sea without any reference to English interests.If Scotland leaves England will want to recover the lost territory(and oil)

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