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May 25, 2012


David MacDonald

Good! That should make a flagging cause sink slowly into well deserved oblivion.

I am, however, warming to Alistair Darling.


Encourage your Scottish friends to Vote 'YES' for a national socialist Scotland @ the scottish independence Referendum.

The UK is a member of the European Union, England, Wales and NI are not.

An independent scotland means EU withdrawl by defualt.


"warming to Alistair Darling. " he could be running things in 2015, even if Scotland votes for independence in 2014 the large number of Scottish Labour MPs means Labour government in 2015.

Sandy Jamieson

What was interesting was who was not there. No representatives from the Scottish Business Community. It reminded me in some way of Kinnock's 1992 Sheffield Rally

brutalist archetype

What was more interesting was Salmond on radio 4's PM show trying to insist that it will be the scots parliament which sets the date/question/terms of the referendum despite the fact that any attempt to do so would be a direct violation of the mandate granted to the scottish parliament by the 1998 Scotland bill and as such, illegal.

Mary Short

Strange that UKIP members are against Scottish independence. I thought UKIP stands for independence or is it independence for the English from the EU but not Scotland from England? Joined up thinking?

Edward Huxley

Reply to Mary Short.

It`s called the United Kingdom Independence Party. Not the England Independence Party.

Of course we want to keep the Union.

Matt Wright

The greatest enemy to the people of our islands has always been division and those that incite it. We are stronger together and when we are positively looking outward to the world. The absence of people putting the arguments for the Union and creating a leading Purpose for Britain, has allowed seperatists to fill the vaccuum.

David MacDonald

Well said Edward Huxley and also Matt Wright.

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