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April 15, 2012



While the cover is trying to be funny the actual article and leaders are much more balanced. The point is how much do you put on national pride.

The Monitor

The reason that the SNP are up in arms is that they know "Skintland" is what would happen if they got their way with independence, and the truth hurts.


Highly offensive for the Economist to admit that Scotland contibutes more than its population share of the UK's GDP, and then suggest it could not survive as an independent country. As the latest GERS figures confirm, Scotland contributes more to the UK treasury than it gets back.


The South East contributes more to UK Treasury than it gets back perhaps it should ask for independence.

Sandy Lovatt

The Economist has got its approach to this issue spot-on. When a group takes on a stupidly absurd position, and is not succeptible to reason. the only thing to do is mock them.

Steve Tierney

... and let's not forget, the clever sods will have sold lots of copies because of it too. : )

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