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April 28, 2012


John Parkes

Salmond makes it clear that the reason for his discussions with News International was to secure jobs for Scotland. That seems to be a praiseworthy objective. However there seem to be a number of important questions left unanswered by this interview. Did Murdoch seek any `quid pro quo` or was he prepared to meet the SNP government`s requirements simply because he thought they were splendid chaps? If any `quid pro quo` was sought, what was it? Did Salmond offer to lobby on Murdoch`s behalf? Were any guarantees given about such measures as corporation tax or other legislative provisions by which News International might benefit? It seems to me that the reasons for the meetings that took place, and their outcomes, still remain clouded by a miasma of slick and superficial answers that need more probing to be done.


This is really a non story being milked furiously for as its worth by a desperate opposition that is scrambling around looking for anything to attempt to blacken Alex Salmond's name.

The truth is that it was perfectly proper for Alex Salmond to offer to lobby on behalf of BSkyB's bid should the bid have been submitted to the monopolies commission - the potential benefits to Scotland from a successful bid were clear. In the event, the bid was not submitted to the monopolies commission so Alex Salmond did not need to lobby.

Sad that Alex Salmond is being attacked for this - if he hadn't been willing to support BSkyB, he would have been attacked by the opposition parties for not standing up for Scottish jobs!

Y Rhyfelwr Dewr

Lewis, if Alex Salmond can explain himself, then I'm sure he will do it with his customary eloquence. But under the circumstances, I do think politicians who have had dealings with the Murdochs need to explain themselves.

That's not to say their dealings aren't perfectly legitimate and above board, but they do need to explain themselves. Because some members of our political elite are up to their necks in it.

Sandy Jamieson

At First Minister Question Time, Scottish Politicians such as Malcolm Rifkind, Alistair Darling, Menzies Campbell, Liam Fox or John Reid would have torn Salmond to bits. Instead each week he has to face mediocrities such as Ruth Davidson,Willie Rennie or Johann Lamont. Add to that a pliant press such as the Scottish Sun, all we need is fiddled postal votes


Jobs in Scotland? Investment in Scotland? What was Uncle Alex offering in return?

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