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January 16, 2012


Ultimo Tiger

Tom Harris has got more brains than most of the other moronic imbeciles in the Liebour Party.


Oh will the Labour Party grow a sense of humour already. I thought that was actually quite funny, like most of the Downfall spoofs I have seen.

A Public Sector Worker

Just shows the Labour Party really doesn't have a sense of humour or are the SNP trying to imply that Tom Harris is saying they're Nazi's?


This spoof is less offensive than the rants of Abbot but he has to go and she can stay. Aidan Burley forced to resign by some jumped up Scotsih woman no one has heard off can make in effect anti English remarks and no action. Actually the spoof was not that funny but the message being given out is hardly logical.

Edward Huxley

UKIP used this about Nigel Farage months ago and possibly somebody had before that. Still very funny though.

Sandy Jamieson

"Downfall" has proved a source of amusement on many themes. This one is quite good and I did like the one about Nicola having to take Question Time.

Of course the legion of cybernats will go berserk. They have no sense of humour and will no doubt attack Tom Harris as a raving anti-Scot when in actualite he is one of the most amenable of the Labour Party in Scotland with a waspish sense of humour. I don't know about others but I rather like him: hr can laugh at himself as well as others

Anne Allan

Labour really need to get a life. This spoof is not the funniest ever, but it is amusing. As Mark says, offensive racist rants, as long as you are black and female, are acceptable but a mildly critical item by a white male is another matter. Let's hear it for equality.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

It certainly cheered me up on Blue Monday.

Cleethorpes Rock

Tom Harris is one of the few sane people left in the Labour party. I'm not surprised the humourless angry leftists saw this as their perfect opportunity for another purge.

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