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April 26, 2011



No wonder you lot have flatlined for 13 years....

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

"Mene mene tekel upharsin"


It is actually longer she took over as Party Chairman before that. It is not the worst PPB the tories have produced, the earlier one is even better or worse depending on your view. Binoculars are needed to look for the other Tory voter.


westminster votes

labour 1.1m
snp 485,000
lib 450,000
scottish conservatives 420,000

all they need is 30,000 votes with fptp.

dont think that is a dead parrot.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Bill, aren't most Tory MSPs TOP-UP LIST members so they were elected by a form of PR not FPTP?

daniel livingstone

FPTP would be even worse for the Tories in Scotland for Scottish govt elections. Its instructive to note that the Tories only have 1 Westminster M n Scotland who is likely to be shown the door at the next election if the Liberla vote collases and goes to Labour, even if he retains the same number of votes.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

Very True Daniel and that seat could have been tailor made for them too.

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