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April 07, 2011



Two lost causes in one (Scotland and Scottish Conservatism). St. Jude will have to get busy. Good clip for the Yes2AV campaign included though. I wonder if they will notice.

Colly Wobbles

Just not interested in what goes on in Scotland, sorry


I don't follow Scottish politics closely, but I would love to see us do better in these elections. It'll be tough, but I really hope people warm to the telling it like it is message and it's brave of Annabelle to do a broadcast like this. She's basically saying "look, this is me. Trust in me and my MSPs and we will deliver."

If our party is ever going to win a general election outright I think winning more seats in Scotland would be a massive help/essential. I know these elections aren't a GE, but if we look like we're on the up in Scotland then it'll be a great thing. I think Lib Dems will suffer badly and I hope we benefit rather than Labour/SNP.

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

The Forlorn Hope. Watching Mrs Goldie in the coming Socttish Parliament Elections will be, to quote Churchill, like watching the death of a noble stag. (or in her case a hind)


A sad old woman hanging out the washing, fiddling with her Marigold gloves and then visiting the Falkirk Wheel on her own. Funereal soundtrack. Hardly inspirational, is it?


Conservatives have never done well in Scotland, bring back the Unionists!

Martin Marprelate- A Man in the Street!

I assume she was using the binoculars to look for the "Scottish Tory Voter", a very rare creature under threat of extinction.


not her worst PPB. The one in 1999 for the Scottish elections where it looked like it was shot in a closed down office was regarded as the worst PPB ever.

Sandy Jamieson

How come every time I see Bella, I think of Ma Broon?

May I suggest that the Executive of the Scottish Party holiday in Wales this year. Look st the Welsh Party, see how it organises, most of all see the type of candidates it chooses.

There is a constituency in Scotland for the right of centre party. After the strongly Labour supporting Daily Record, the Daily Mail is the next most popular newspaper while the Telegraph competes the the Herald and the Scotsman. Can the Scottish Conservatives gtake advantage of this. Nae chance


When I moved to Scotland a few years ago and told my new friends and neighbours I was a Conservative voter, they told me there are plenty of Conservatives in Scotland, but they all vote LibDem: "There is no point voting Conservative in Scotland, because the party is so useless. It's not like England." So we all vote LibDem with a clear conscience. The Conservatives don't even bother putting leaflets through the letterbox.


votes at last last westminster election.

labour 1.1.m

snp 485,000

liberal 450,000

conservatives 420,000

the scottish conservatives dont have to do to much to move into seat winning territory.

they also suffer,still,from tactical voting from the hard left in the snp and labour parties.

scotland is a dark place with 60% government.independent she would be ireland or portugal at the moment.bust.there is cronic waste on government services and for a once enterprising country a hatred of success.

the only way scotland can move forward is a reality check and a party that reduces government or increases business.the conservatives would do that.the snp talk about it,but dont seem to act.

another solution would be independence,scotland would go bust, and would sort its self out that way.

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