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August 05, 2009



iam a campaigner for ali megrahi since day one ? and was hoping to meet him one day, i live about 2mls from greenock prison, as my daughter is fighting for her life through cancer? iam convinced he is innocent ? having spiritual instink from almighty god, just as i had regarding www.kenny richey.org

virginia weegenaar

I beleive that the Scottish Minister was amazingly brave and completely correct to show compassion to this man. We are a human, despite our transgressions, and we should treat otehrs as we would like to be treated.
Well done. Fantastic example.


More like the Secretary of Injustice. Scotland is not being compassionate, but Weak and thoughtless to the suffering of the victims families. All so BP can go to Libia and drill for more oil. Shameful.

Michael Stebbins

He is a pig to society, and should have been put to death. A slow and painful death in a country with public heath care would have been poetic justice. I hope that the moron MacAskill’s family falls victim to terrorist’s attacks, and he lives a long life with them in his memory.

Bobby Hayes

If the Scottish justice system had and compassion they woul have placed a rope around the neck of Ali Megrahi years ago. Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has no backbone.

David Lee

What a worthless faggot!


For the first and only time in my life I am ashamed to be of Scottish decent. This is a kick in groan to the families and friends of the vicitims. Where is compassion for their losses? MacAsskiss is a disgrace to justice.


Hm a kick in the groan.

I am living in America and today proud that our society in Scotland knows what compassionate grounds means.
There was never indisputable evidence that this man was responsible for the atrocity, and those shouting about righteousness should remember that their god, and their christ, are all about forgiveness and standing up for what's right. Do you want to be as mean spirited as those who would terrorise us?
Sometimes it takes courage to stand up for the right way.

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