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August 22, 2013


Phil Kean

Wants to live as a woman?

For that, if he was in the UK, the Liberal-left would either give him a softer sentence, or release him altogether. Not that he'd have got anywhere near 35 years over here.

Robert DMML

Wants to live as a woman - well I suspect he is going to the right place.

I cannot understand anyone wanting to be called Chelsea. I would have preferred WestHam United or even Crystal (Palace)


He'll have plenty of time to think about his sex change when he is inside, and then can go ahead, if he still wants to, when he gets out.


In Britain the Liberal Democrats would demand that David Cameron instruct the NHS to carry out the operations on an urgent basis.
After all it would only be the tax payers money.

Victor Southern

I wonder what his prime supporter Malshy thinks of that.

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