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August 17, 2013



But would a patriotic, proud, principled leader of a once great country - who is expected to require LESS intervention in Britain's private affairs - get straight on the phone to his masters in Brussels asking them to rule in his favour?

You bet he wouldn't. Sad for us, then, that we are not talking about such a person, we are talking about David Cameron.

I mean, for a PM who wants us to believe he wants to renegotiate, if not entirely a non-political relationship, certainly a LESS political one, he falls over himself to validate the EU's authority.

John Urquhart

Cameron is an EU extension,same,same, miliband,clegg.

James Sanderson

Minister,wish we had more like you in the goverment here.Best wishes and more power to you and your goverment.We know you are British and wish to remain so.We the people of Britain are with you.Albion.

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